There was a video with the "singing" Antarctic glaciers

The American geophysical Union has published a video on YouTube where you can hear the "singing" of the Antarctic glaciers. The occurrence of similar sounds have been associated with the vibrations naturally resulting from the effects of wind.

Such an unusual video was filmed on the shelf of Ross, where the "singing" of the glaciers can be proud of. A mysterious, almost otherworldly sounds made by the glaciers, its appearance required a strong wind load causing vibration processes in the upper layers of ice and snow.

American scientists, commenting on this natural phenomenon, note that the world continues to hide from a man a lot of amazing puzzles and again and again surprise us yet hidden reality. The researchers also emphasize that humanity is the first time I hear this "singing".

Julien Chaput, a mathematician and a geophysicist from the United States, in the preparation of the roller is somewhat modified entry and accelerated more than 1000 times, as to convey the true sounding of Antarctic glaciers has been very difficult. In the result the General public got a new music genre, to something resembling ambient.

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