There is a risk of penetration of a coronavirus from Arab countries

The Exodus of Russians from Arab countries, due to the worsening situation can lead to the emergence of new infections in Russia, including coronaviruses, which can cause atypical pneumonia. This may be due to the fact that the Russians can bring above-mentioned types of infections, which can lead to the emergence of the epidemic in Russia, said the chief physician of the Russian Federation, Director of the research Institute of pulmonology Alexander Chuchalin.

Biological characterization of a novel coronavirus unknown to scientists. This kind of infection is widespread in Arab countries, being transferred from one person to another. Its main symptom is shortness of breath which flows over time in respiratory distress, reports RIA "Novosti".

In 2002, SARS was first reported in China, then Russia has imposed strict control over the flights arriving from South-East Asia, where the epidemic has started. This control has had its result: Russia recorded only one case of atypical pneumonia, which was successfully cured the man, who was hospitalized in the Annunciation hospital with this diagnosis, reminds Agency "Interfax".

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