There is a growing generation of children who aren't able to adapt to real life

Lately, scientists have discovered a very dangerous factor for increasing the number of children with different types of mental disorders. It is surprising that this process affects adolescents from families of the so-called "middle class" and it is associated with a high degree of fences children's parents from the social environment. Simply, today's youth is incapable of socialization in society and they have a very low degree of adaptation to life.

Such children, in spite of economically and socially prosperous atmosphere in the family, not able to defend themselves in the modern world. In this connection turns out to be extremely high degree of emotionalism, increases the growth of different types of complexes, the probability of deviant behavior, etc.

The reason this process is hidden in the approach parents, who from early childhood restrict the child from interaction with external factors. This kind of type of care while seeking to protect the child from harm leads to the isolation of children within the home with too high levels of permission. Such an approach in the future leads to the growth of egoism, the child's perception of himself as some kind of exceptional subject, to indulge which is the responsibility of others. of course, when it contacts with the social environment this worldview begins collapsing like a house of cards, and the teenager falls into a psychological crisis. To predict its development in this case is very difficult.

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In addition, such a child is not able to assess the riskiness of decisions, there is paranoia, which manifests itself in the educational process. To avoid such threats can only joint expert work of parents and school teachers.

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