There is a dependence on fatty foods

Scientists from Yale University conducted a study and told the public why many people cannot cope with the excessive consumption of fatty foods and maintain a healthy lifestyle. People suffering from obesity, confirm that the more you consume fatty, the desire for it becomes greater, which cannot be said about low-calorie food. Scientists have tried to identify the relationship between the mechanisms that affect the education according to the oily food and food that people consume.

It turns out that the effect of fatty foods like drugs, which cause the production of dopamine. This substance acts on the center of joy in the brain, increasing the level of happiness of man. A healthy person does not need to receive excessive doses of dopamine, unlike those who suffer from apathy and loneliness.

In addition to dopamine, there is another substance, metabolite of fat breakdown, oleoylethanolamide (OEA). If a person eats a high-calorie food, the level of this substance in the blood is reduced along with dopamine. Many organisms with consistently low levels of OEA not consume low-calorie foods, because they do not have an interest.

Increasing the concentration of the substance restores an adequate system of rewards. Response to dopamine increases, interest in healthy food increases and weight decreases. So it turns out that fatty foods are the link between the gut and the brain, which is carried out by means of OEB and the vagus nerve.

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