Therapy sounds improves the condition of premature babies

Lullabies or intrauterine sounds can help premature babies with abnormalities. To this opinion reached by scientists from the Department of music therapy at new York medical center Beth Israel. This opinion is based on the results among 272 infants in the study who were born prematurely. Many of the infants suffered from sepsis and respiratory failure, according to Reuters.

The studied children were placed in special incubators, which were in the ICU. For 14 days the parents of the infants came to him and hummed a lullaby. In addition, using special equipment, the medical staff was created for children the sounds that were similar to those they had heard while in the womb. Those were the sounds of a heartbeat or movement of the amniotic fluid.

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After carrying out these procedures, scientists noticed that the indicators in children has been improved. For example, the frequency of heart beat was reduced by one-two beats per minute, and also in infants normalized sleep and nutrition.

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