Therapeutic massage of the back and neck

Every man at least once in their lives had to experience pain in the back, so the phrase "can't straighten up" is familiar to all. However, not everyone knows that back pain can be caused by other "troubles" - a violation of the internal organs, drop vitality, migraine. Chronic pain is constant discomfort, which significantly limits the ability of the person and does not allow him to enjoy a full life.

A neck and back massage is one of the most useful and effective methods to eliminate painful sensations. This massage allows you to return a person to enjoy life and good mood, to deliver him from them. However, before you come for a massage from a professional massage therapist, you should consult with your doctor, which will help to identify the cause of pain and will make the exact diagnosis.

Depending on the diagnosed disease, the doctor may prescribe one of the practice types of therapeutic massage of the back and neck. The sessions indicated for degenerative disc disease and its complications, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, intervertebral hernia. A neck and back massage helps to improve circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage, effectively relieve pain and in the shortest time to restore the function of the spine.

When the diagnosis of diseases of the joints such massage prevents atrophy of the muscles, relieves pain in the back and the neck, helps to develop contracture and improve mobility. When the lateral curvature of the spine (scoliosis) massage of the back and neck can support and strengthen muscle tone, reduce fatigue, improve circulation and even to remove the curvature. Therapeutic massage helps to relieve pain and get back on the path of recovery of arthritis, the cause of which were injuries, infections, diseases of the nervous system and other negative factors. A neck and back massage indicated for intervertebral hernia. He not only relieve the patient from pain, but also may slow the growth of hernia, as well as to strengthen the supporting back muscles.

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There are many types of massage. However, for the treatment of back pain and neck are not every one of them. Sometimes, massage may further aggravate the situation. To choose the right course can only experts. For this they will need to conduct additional studies. Only after diagnosis and course assignment of neck and back massage, the patient falls into the capable hands of a professional masseur.

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