Therapeutic effect of d'arsonval apparatus

Every woman wants to remain always young and attractive, and she agrees to apply various methods, holistic treatments to maintain their health and beauty. One such tool is the d'arsonval apparatus. Active darsonvalization on problem areas of the skin and hair, cellulite, varicose veins. The therapeutic properties of this device are used in dermatology, cosmetology, and in many areas of medicine. New technologies, such device can be used at home, carefully reading the act and the regulations.

What is the basis of therapeutic effects of staff

The healing process with darsonvalization by exposure to an alternating current, which moves through a glass electrode filled with gas, on the human body. The result of this procedure improves venous blood flow, which in turn increases the motion of the tissue cells. Using the device d'arsonval, you will saturate the cells with oxygen, improve their livelihoods, call activity of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous layer and the skin. Due to these changes, cosmetic and therapeutic agents penetrate deep into the subcutaneous layers, improving muscle tone.

Applications of the apparatus of the darsonval at home

Method of contact used in cosmetic applications. The process of vacuum contact of the electrode with the skin. "Silent discharge" improves skin elasticity, delaying the formation of wrinkles, normalizes oiliness of the skin, prevents acne or clogged pores.

Method for the contactless used for medicinal purposes. This procedure is performed by sparks coming from the nozzle of the apparatus of the Darsonval, being from the skin at a distance of from 1 to 4 mm, non-contact way relieves pain, speeds healing, cures neuralgic diseases, resolves hematoma.

Buying medical device

Because the Unit is a medical device, insist on receiving a quality certificate, registration certificate, confirming that the device belongs to medical technology, and has passed all clinical trials. Examine carefully the technical abilities of the device. For example: prevention of the eyelids and under the eyes is held at a voltage low - from 2 to 7 kV; procedure passing medium voltage from 7 to 12 kV in the field of hair of the head and face. Darsonvalization acne, changes veins, osteoarthritis is held at high voltage from 12 to 15 kV.

Repeat the procedure using the apparatus of the Darsonval will lead to an efficient result: normal nervous system, headaches will disappear, increase immunity, vascular tone.

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