The youth guarantee of long - good sex

Scientists in the course of the observations of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, it was found that systematic sex contribute to the preservation of long years of youth and vigor.

Women who participated in the experiment, which during the week made love three or four times, looked younger than his age five years.

Researchers have found four explanations such an amazing rejuvenating effect. First - in a woman's body during orgasm induces the production of large quantities of endorphins known only as happy hormones. Endorphins put some kind of blockade actions of cortisol, which is responsible for aging. In addition, eye-catching then with substances help in moisturizing the skin and give the face a healthy glow.

Secondly, good sex can relieve people from such troubles, insomnia, third - forever eliminates puffiness in the eye area. But a deep and rapid breathing during active movements during intercourse favors oxygenation, which helps him in the best operation is the fourth and most important point.

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