The worst people sleep in February

British scientists have discovered a rather curious fact. It turns out that the worst people sleep in February.

Scientists estimate that the length of time allotted to man to sleep in February increased by eight minutes. In addition, sleep in February, often disturbing, and the man who woke up one must make sacrifices for 10 minutes before you will be able to sleep again. It often affects women, but men are prone to such changes during sleep in February.

These results were obtained after processing the data of the survey conducted among 21 thousand people. It turned out that average person to fall asleep in February required 56 minutes, while in other months it takes 48. In addition, almost one-third of the participants responded that feels fatigued again in February.

The researchers concluded that this phenomenon is due to long nights and dark days that are so "rich" the last winter month. They expressed confidence that in March the situation will change for the better. Thus, if the quality of sleep to be assessed points, in February, sleep tugging at 4.7 points, while in March it was estimated in 5 and a half.

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