The worms found built-in protection against stress

Scientists at Rutgers University conducted a study. In the course of it they tried to establish the nature of stress and the dynamics of its development. They were especially concerned with the causes of stress and what methods other animals can cope with it. The object of research was the study of brain cells common round worm.

Stress referred to as the nonspecific response of the body, which violates the internal state of the organism. Is a way to fit many living beings to changes in the environment. Stress, no matter positive or negative, is always some stress to the body.

So, investigated dendritic cells roundworms. These cells perform a specific function: carry signal between axonal cells. In the normal state these cells function normally, but when the stress changes their structure. Constant stress can evolve into a chronic, causing the pathology of the brain and disrupting its structure.

Also in the composition of brain cells worm was found furin - agent-initiated chemical reaction, which is in the process of blood clotting. As the enzyme, this substance has another effect: protects against some cancers, viruses, and diseases. It should be noted that furin able to translate brain cells in a more developed state under stress, protecting the nervous system against overvoltage and the development of pathology.

For example: the short life of a worm, however, turning in a strong form, they can extend their life up to several months. When stress agent ceases to act, the neurons go into normal form.

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Humans, unfortunately, such substances that protect against stress no. The main difference of the mechanisms of development of stress in humans and a worm is that a person's after-stress period is much longer. Scientists send our best effort to fix it.

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