The world's first patient with two donor feet made the first step

In one hospital in Valencia the first steps were made by the patient who underwent the world's first transplant of both legs, after rehabilitation, he will be able to walk independently.

20 year-old man, whose identity was not disclosed, was operated by a team of 50 doctors and 10 July. The first steps he did in the pool at the hospital La Fe, where patients undergo rehabilitation after operations. Dr. Pedro Rodriguez Cavadas, specialist plastic surgeon, told news agencies that the patient walks without much complications.

"But it would be many months before he will be able to walk without assistance, at the moment the treatment is planned pace," said Dr. Kavadas Rodriguez is one of the most respected surgeons in the world in his field, he is the one in 2009, he performed the world's first transplant of a person, including the tongue and jaw.

In 2006 he made a double transplant forearm Colombian woman, and in 2008 sewed the leg back to another patient.

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Spanish media have nicknamed Kavadas Dr. Miracle.

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