The world's first MRI video delivery

The Telegraph has posted a video of the first shot on MRI childbirth. Entry dated November 2011, it was recorded in Berlin's charité hospital. Future old mother was independently proposed the doctors obstetrician gynecologists to capture on magnetic resonance tomograph their birth. Doctors without thinking agreed and recorded first in the world unique video.

Write MRI has proved invaluable, it will help professionals to understand the mechanics of childbirth, to understand how the movement of the fetus in clan channels from the scrum to fight and will probably give a hint, what to do when there is no movement of the fetus through the birth canal during childbirth.

It remains unclear motive mother, who wished to risk the life of her child, because the effect of MRI on the fetus have not been studied. MRI, in contrast to computed tomography, uses safer for the body magnetic waves, but their effect on the developing fetus can be dangerous.

Finally posted the video of the first birth is depicted on MRI.

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