The world's first head transplant will be held in Germany

On highly complex operation was accepted by the Russian Valery Spiridonov, a programmer by training, suffering from a severe form of atrophy of the back muscles. He was diagnosed with the syndrome, werdnig-Hoffmann. His disease is progressing, so surgery is the only chance for a cure.

After attending a conference in Italy in 2015, Valery Spiridonov decided to go under the knife of surgeons. They found a sponsor willing to pay $ 100 million on a highly complex procedure. His name has not been disclosed.

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero, who advised our compatriot, chose to surgery one of German clinics. An experienced doctor chose Germany, although such an operation could be performed in England or France. Because individual hospitals in these countries also possess the most modern equipment necessary for treatment.

The exact date of surgery is not yet known, however if successful – it will be a real breakthrough in the field of neurosurgery. And in the meantime we can only wish our compatriot and his treating doctors good luck and professional victories.

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