The world will see a vaccine against Ebola virus in late 2014

By the end of 2014 the world can see the first working version of the vaccine against Ebola virus. While the doctors are trying to overcome the disease with traditional therapy. The forecasts of experts from the world health organization disappointing: in the near future the number of people infected may be 550 thousand people. Note that now the number of patients is around 5.5 to 6 thousand.

Officials of the developing countries of Africa have allowed testing of drugs against Ebola on the infected patients. The Wellcome Trust has allocated 3.2 million pounds to fight the pathogen.

In Africa, it is widely believed that doctors only exacerbate the situation. Many States simply do not believe in medicine, including magic and rituals the basis of their own health. In Guinea have arrested 27 people suspected in the murder of doctors who treated patients with Ebola.

A group of unknown persons from the Prefecture Forecariah attacked the staff of the red cross. Doctors collected the bodies of the dead from the virus. Most of the attackers were relatives of the deceased. Apparently, the doctors were pelted with stones.

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