The world community considers Pakistan a hotbed of polio

Pakistan is an active immunization against polio in ports, airports and borders. The process is running in emergency mode. Thus medical service want to instill the maximum number of people. It is necessary to stop the spread of infection across the country and beyond.

Such measures insisted the world health organization. In addition to Pakistan, the list got Syria and Cameroon. In these countries introduced a system of certificates for residents. Purpose - proof of vaccination, which is necessary for crossing the border, reports CBS News.

More than half of polio cases (60%) last goal were associated with moving a patient from one country to another. Note, for 2013, the number of cases of polio has doubled (s223 cases to 417). Draws attention to the fact that a quarter of all cases of the disease in the past year occurred in Pakistan.

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Complicating the situation is the position of the supporters of the movement, Taliban who believe that vaccines cause infertility and poor health. In the system of medical care is not developed in some regions it is simply impossible to obtain.

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