The women who work at night more difficult to get pregnant

As explained by experts at the University of Southampton, any irregular schedule greatly increases the risk of miscarriage (especially if we are talking about the night the graph), fertility problems, disruptions of the menstrual cycle compared with the normal work schedule (9:00 to 17:00). The study showed that people who work in shifts, twice more frequently than others can not get pregnant during the first year.

Among people working in shifts around 20% of women of childbearing age. Professor Stoker Linden believes that the main cause of problems with pregnancy is a disorder of the sleep cycle, as well as the total failure of the internal clock. They help the body to produce hormones that control the pressure, heart rate and body temperature. However, to determine the exact causes of scientists failed.

In any case, women need to relax, engage in any physical exercise and eat a healthy diet. This suggests that even women who work in shifts should do everything possible to configure the optimal rhythm of life.

The who warns that the unnormalized graph also increases the risk of breast cancer, because in this mode significantly reduces the concentration of the compound that is responsible for the normalization of oncogenic processes. As for the scientists of the Royal College, they believe that irregular schedule is in most cases the cause of premature birth and low weight newborns.

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