The woman was old to 50 years old for a few days

Doctors puzzled amazing condition, which had aged woman from 23 to 50 years for a few days. A resident of Vietnam Nguyen thi Phuong now looks like an old woman after a sharp allergic reaction to seafood. Her sad story began in 2008, when the young girl began to grow old in my eyes - wrinkles, swelling of the face and whole body. She was forced to wear a mask in public to hide his appearance from others. The doctors at that time were trying to find the cause of her sudden aging.

In today's 26 state fwang only got worse, now she first appeared before the media in the hope that doctors around the world will help her. Some doctors say that the woman struck lipodystrophia is a rare syndrome in which breaks up the layer of fatty tissue under the skin, while the skin itself is growing rapidly. This syndrome is incurable and causes its victims to look decades older than his age. Of the seven billion people on the planet suffer from about 2000.

Fwang long suffered from allergies to seafood, but in 2008 it suffered especially severe reaction. Instead of a visit to the doctor she bought in a drugstore hypoallergenic, but a month after taking on her skin rash. Then the woman started to be treated by means of traditional medicine, the rash is gone, but the skin is beginning to SAG. In 2009, she came to terms with his fate and threw the treatment for appearance in public places, she always wore a mask. The rapid aging syndrome has not affected her cognitive abilities, the hair, the teeth and the menstrual cycle.

Fwang with her husband earn less than $ 100 a month and can't afford a full examination at the main hospital in the district. Many local doctors after case Phuong was promulgated, does not believe that she had lipo, and most likely overdose steroid drugs.

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