The woman lived for 10 years with needles around the heart, kidney and lung

During the examination, the doctors found a resident of China needle in the heart, kidney and lung. The patient came with complaints of cramps in the body, but did not guess that the main reason for pain is a foreign body in the organism.

When interviewing the doctors found out that the woman is experiencing severe pain for 10 years. Ultrasound examination revealed a handful of foreign objects, which on closer examination turned out to be usual needles are used for sewing clothes.

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Needles were literally everywhere: in the heart, lung, kidneys, joints and other organs. Doctors believe that this case is incredibly rare. It was found that the patient's husband regularly beat her. It is quite possible that he could pour into it a needle, while the woman was unconscious. Relatives say, the last time a woman could not be found immediately.

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