The woman gave birth in a coma

31-year-old British Lisa bond regained consciousness after a two-month coma and found that gave birth to a son 12 weeks ago. Lisa was on the artificial provision in a coma, while her body struggled with swine flu. Suddenly, the baby decided to be born on 12 weeks before the deadline, the nurse realized it only when he saw his head in the bed of the patient.

Lisa re-studied to eat, to sit, to talk, the child spent with her in the hospital and on the 17th week, the mother and son went home.

Lisa says that to know after you Wake up that it already has a son was not a shock. The doctors told her that she was the first woman who gave birth in a coma.

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Pregnancy Lisa developed normally, but at 20 weeks, she became very ill and it became difficult to breathe. In the hospital she was diagnosed oxygen, and after a few hours she put artificial ventilation of lungs and she fell into a coma. The last thing she remembers before you delve into it, it requests the doctors that they helped her to care about her child and not have the disease to harm him.

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