The woman found a kidney donor in Internet

British Saira Khan found on the Internet "the good Samaritan" who is willing to give her a kidney donor as simply wants to help her trouble.

In contrast to the "medical tourism" ( the situation when wealthy patients buy donor organs from poor countries), Khan will not break the law in order to find a kidney, she had not to bribe or coerce people.

According to experts in the UK on the day dies three people, and not waited for a donor organ. Although one third of the population bequeathed their organs for donation, the patients get only the bodies of the dead people in the hospital.

37 year old mother of three children Saira Khan for ten years stood in line for a kidney donor, unfortunately, her husband Omar was not a compatible donor for her. American Given Claimant decided to give her one of his kidneys to children Saury, did not grow up without a mother.

This is the first time British patients have found specific donor benefactor, who decides to give the body of sympathy to the family of the woman. If Ms. Khan will find ready to perform surgery hospital experts from independent management will assess whether you can carry it. They will identify whether there is coercion or payment for the organ, which is contrary to the law on the donation.

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Existing UK law allows potential donors to choose the person who they would like to donate organs, even if they aren't with him in close relationship, however, these donations are estimated by experts to avoid pressure.

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