The winter diet

The metabolism of the individual may change depending on the time of year. In winter, the metabolism slows down in the summer - accelerated. Autumn body mass increases by 2-4 kg

Nutritionists offer a diet that you can use it in the winter, given the action of the available products on the body. The hunger winter invalid, so the food should be of high calorie, extra energy is required for heating the body.

The main point of the diet is nutritious ingestion of animal and vegetable proteins. Therefore, in the refrigerator should always be present fish, mushrooms, eggs, butter, lard, meat. It must be remembered that the daily intake of fat in the body is not more than 30 grams.

Should be excluded from the diet of cakes, pastries, candies, cakes, sweet drinks with gas, strong coffee, and alcohol.

The result in a week diet weight reduction of three to five pounds.

1) For Breakfast you can cook porridge oatmeal with milk (fat-free) - 200 gr., bran bread - 2 slices, plums. butter - 10 g, tea, honey - 20 gr.

2-nd Breakfast, you can use the Apple - 1 medium, hard cheese - 50 gr. or nuts - 100 g.

For lunch, cook a soup from Faroe or mushrooms - 300 gr., boil the beef, bread, bran or black - 2 pieces, compote of dried mctow or tea.

For dinner, make cheese casserole (cheese take fat-free) with prunes or raisins - 200 gr., honey - 20 gr., tea.

At night you can drink kefir, natural yogurt or a glass of sour.

2) To prepare Breakfast scrambled eggs with ham (lean) or boil eggs - 2 pieces, black bread - 2 slices, sauerkraut - 200 gr.

2-nd Breakfast, you can use fruit - plums - 2 pcs. or pear, drink natural yoghurt or a glass of kefir.

For lunch cook borsch or soup peas - 300 gr., sauté meat with vegetables, salad, bread, bran - 2 pieces.

For dinner eat any fish - 150 gr., baked potatoes - 100 g., herbal tea, honey - 20 gr.

At night you can - fermented baked milk, natural yogurt or yogurt - 200 gr.

3) Breakfast cook millet or semolina porridge with low-fat milk or bake apples - 200 gr., honey - 20 gr., tea.

For 2nd Breakfast, eat a banana, drink a glass of kefir.

For lunch, prepare a soup with vegetables or mushrooms, chicken broth - 300 gr., photosite cabbage, roast the beef in foil, vegetable salad, bread - 2 slices, compote of dried fruit or tea, honey - 20 gr.

For dinner, prepare a salad using carrots, nuts, apples and prunes - 200 gr., fruit tea or herbal tea with honey.

At night, drink milk or fermented milk drink - 200 gr.

If the proposed diet is comfortable for your body - can this power be used constantly. Only an experienced nutritionist can find individual for your body diet.

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