The whole truth about the feasts in facts and figures

1. After a big meal it is better to not drink coffee, but instead to drink green tea to facilitate the digestive process.

90 people out of 100 are gaining weight due to holiday tables.

2. For a couple of hours before the party would be a good idea to drink 50 grams of strong alcohol or pallokala wine to prepare the body to the load which it will be subjected during the festive evening. This procedure will also serve as an incentive for the selection of enzymes that digest the alcohol.

3. If half an hour before making the "chest", to eat a small amount of butter, it will delay the process of absorption of alcohol almost 40 minutes.

4. In Ancient Greece it was customary, according to which the owner of the house was the first to drink wine, put on the table, in order to prove to the audience that it is not poisoned. From this moment begins the toast: "to your health!".

5. "Before the first and second small gap. It is not necessary to follow this advice. The intervals between alcohol consumption should be 20, and even better 25 minutes. In the morning you will see that hangover is not observed.

6. Alcohol should eat fatty foods, as in this case, it is absorbed in the 6 times slower than on an empty stomach.

7. In the Saxon village of Leitersdorf villagers covered 28-meter long table in order to celebrate the 555th anniversary of the founding of the native rural communities in the Ore mountains. On the festive table, two cranes found a huge tray of wood, on which was placed 555 Beers. This tray is made from a softwood local marketcheck in the gift of his native village.

8. The man who in the morning drink the brine from a hangover faster get rid of it, because by itself, the brine is the electrolyte, which contains minerals and salts needed by the body, lost a lot of water. Those people who follow the principle of "like cures like", that is, drink the morning after a great party beer, or worse, vodka, only exacerbate the intoxication of the organism.

9. A drunk person is not recommended to be in the cold, because in this case it is harmful for the heart and blood vessels.

10. Feasts during the reign of Ivan the terrible lasted for six or more hours, and during this time the tables were submitted more than 150 kinds of dishes.

11. The butcher by the name Siebert from the German city of Erfurt made sausage, the length of which amounted to 2770 meters. She was taken to the city square, where he was roasted and eaten 11 thousand people.

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