The whole truth about pheromones

Pheromones - a certain chemical substances which are secreted by some animals and even plants, to provide some communication between species. When the contact pheromone of its kind in the body of a cascade of hormonal reactions that form the misconduct of body, almost uncontrollable consciousness.

The first pheromone was obtained by scientists of the silkworm, not so long ago, in 1962. It was a very simple chemical compounds that are easy to synthesize in the laboratory. To date, isolated and synthesized more than 1000 Paramonov different species of mammals, which serves all sorts of signals. Among these substances emit pheromones of fear and anxiety, the pheromone behavioral responses, including epigoni - pheromones sexual desire, synthesized analogs of the latter can be added to perfume compositions.

Wide application of pheromones found in agriculture, helping farmers to protect their crops from insect pests.

Despite the large-scale advertising campaign perfumery products that claim to be in their fragrances containing pheromones attract the opposite sex - today, the influence of pheromones in vertebrates is poorly understood. It is known that this substance steroid and what pheromones, given the level of development of your nervous system, may not seriously affect povedencheskoi reaktsii. Although anything is possible, and in proportion to the level of intellectual development (less than development - the more pronounced effect of the pheromone).

A pioneer in the use of pheromones in perfumes is a young German chemist and perfumer of the Geza Schoen. Women using his spirits Molecule 01, claim - really works! The fragrance, which when applied does not detect the female charm to the evening turns into an exotic bouquet of smells.

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