The who predicts: the Tsunami of dementia in the coming years will flood the whole world

The world Health Organization (who) predicts: "globally, the number of persons with dementia by 2030 should increase almost doubled, reaching frightening figures about 65.7 million people," on their pages, writes The Daily Mail.

And 2050, the number of patients who have observed the development of dementia will increase by about 70 percent compared with the current level of 35.6 million people.

It is also well known that the development of dementia is interconnected with a number of diseases of the brain that affect behavior, the factor of memory and thinking ability, the routine Affairs. For dementia often is Alzheimer's disease (about 70 percent of all cases fall to it).

On the basis of the report, Alzheimer's Disease International, world diagnosed each year about 7.7 million new cases of dementia (almost for every four seconds there is a new patient). Treatment of patients with a diagnosis of dementia costs the 604 billion dollars. Moreover, in the world only eight countries have a national programme on the fight against dementia.

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