The wanton attacks of vomiting up to 100 times a day causes strange syndrome

12-year-old Alicia Atkinson for six years suffers from a strange nausea and vomiting, reported The Daily Mail. Doctors the child was diagnosed with the syndrome, so-called cyclic vomiting.

This disease is peculiar to childhood, and it manifests repeated stereotypical episodes of vomiting, followed by periods of absolute well-being. The first symptoms of this disease have been described in 1882 by a pediatrician by Samuel guy. However, since doctors about unexplained illness and there was nothing new to be known. The experts also did not forget to mention the genetic proximity syndrome migraine.

Doctors don't even know what is the specific reason for the development of the above disorders. It is clear that people with this disease can be days or weeks at a time to suffer from bouts of nausea. The acute attack in the case of Alicia, was manifested in the fact that her day has pulled out about 100 times. Usually this stems up to 40 times per day, and mostly due to the stress or in a state of high nervous excitability. That's sad - attacks is simply impossible to predict.

For a long time the doctors were very difficult to diagnose. The disease first manifested itself at the time when Alice was only six years old. At first, the doctors suggested that she had inflammation of the Appendix or developed irritable bowel syndrome. But the tests did not give confirmation of assumptions. During bouts of vomiting significantly increases the risk of dehydration, And for this reason the child several times I had to be hospitalized.

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