The vitamin B12 deficiency are more prone to refugees

Australian scientists from the University of Adelaide have found that deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body indicates severe malnutrition. This problem is particularly common in refugees from countries with military conflicts that come from developed countries with the aim of obtaining asylum.

Experts have conducted a study, which was attended by 900 people, refugees from different countries. 16 and a half percent of study participants had insufficient mentioned vitamin in the body, as well as many health problems that have been associated with its deficiency. According to the authors, medical doctors around the world should be more attentive to such patients and to more actively identify such cases of beriberi. A more detailed study is published in the pages of the latest issue of the journal "PLOS ONE".

It should be noted that vitamin B12 is needed to maintain the viability of the organism substance, and its deficiency can lead to the development of serious diseases. In people with vitamin B12 observed disorder of the nervous system, and severe anemia. Such people become excessively irritable, decreased concentration, worsening memory, and in addition on body extends unpleasant weakness. In more advanced cases, watching a disorder of the vestibular apparatus, the man begins to walk wobbly gait, and his movements become awkward.

The deficit mentioned vitamin is also observed and citizens of developed countries. To its occurrence leads to improper nutrition and diet. Under malnutrition implies a complete rejection of food of animal origin, as well as a diet that is low in calories. In addition, the cause of vitamin B12 deficiency can be a disorder of the digestive system, which is likely to disrupt the process of its absorption by the body, as well as the increased need for this vitamin in pregnant women, athletes, and smokers. In any case, Australian scientists recommend to maintain control over the amount of vitamin in the blood, and if necessary to take vitamin supplements.

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