The virus spreads through the territory of Russia - statistics

In Russia 900 thousand people are registered with HIV infection. This population is one of the regional center. Many people do not know they have HIV, and not turn to medical institutions for help.

On the first place in morbidity is Sverdlovsk region, there registered more than 75 thousand people with HIV. The tense situation with the disease in Samara and Irkutsk regions, almost every hundredth resident is a carrier of the virus.

Thousands of people around the world die from the virus. The worst situation is in the developing countries of Africa, where there is no developed plan diagnosis nor drugs for the treatment of the disease.

The head of the Federal scientific-methodological center for the fight against AIDS Vadim Pokrovsky results: 2014 only 25 thousand people died from diseases associated with HIV. Note, do not kill the virus itself, and immunodeficiency safe when bacteria become human pathogens deadly diseases.

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