The virus against cancer

Scientists from Ottawa have developed and clinical trials are promising method of cancer that involves infection of the person destroying the cancer cells by the virus, but without harm to healthy cells.

In the first phase of the study involved 23 patients in the later stages of the cancer, the tumor has spread to many organs, patients have tried all to no avail treatment options. Each of them received intravenous virus JX-594 in different doses. Created using genetically engineered virus contains stimulating the immune system gene that enables the body to combat cancer.

10 days later, it was performed a biopsy patients, 87% of people who took a high dose of medication has been discovered that the virus replicates and infects not only the coming cancer cells, but also neighboring sore point.

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Thus, the virus itself can detect tumors and destroy them. Side effects of medications has been minimal. As one of the major challenges in cancer treatment is the difficulty of detection of tumor spread in the body, the virus that makes the work itself, can be a salvation for thousands of people and treatable forms of cancer that are not available for the surgeon. Senior author of the opening of John bell of Ontario States that while the findings are preliminary, as not all tests are complete. However, after a larger planned clinical trials, the drug can be introduced in hospitals.

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