The virus against cancer was smarter than scientists

Scientists from the University of Leeds and the Institute of cancer research have discovered a feature of the virus that can kill cancer: when the virus enters the bloodstream, it is invisibly attached to blood cells and thereby avoids the attack of the immune system that allows him to destroy cancer cells at the site of the tumor. Scientists believe that the virus will form the basis of the most promising therapy for cancer of various types.

It is known that some viruses, even ordinary reovirus, cold calling, able to attack cancer cells, in addition they boost the actual immune system to attack the cancer. Such "oncolytic" viruses can become the basis for a new approach in cancer treatment. However, before scientists faced a tough task to make the virus got to the tumors before the immune system will destroy them that is particularly difficult, as the majority of cancerous tumors located deep within the body, such as the stomach, lungs, liver. Until now, scientists could not come up with such a virus, which would be dangerous for cancer, but did not atakowala would the immune system.

Many are able to attack cancer cells, viruses are destroyed by the immune system, so the discovery of the virus, which is able to Dodge her attacks became a real breakthrough for researchers. Particles of this virus can reach the most remote areas of the body "under the guise of" blood cells.

"This virus is smarter than we all thought. He is able to hide behind the blood cell from the immune system to launch an attack on the tumor, when you reach it. For therapy of cancer treatment it can be a major breakthrough," said Professor Alan Melcher.

As the experimental group gave 10 volunteers with colorectal cancer that has spread to the liver. A few weeks patients received this reovirus on an outpatient basis. After studying removed during operation of the tissues of the liver, the researchers concluded that active virus was observed only in tumors, where he was involved in the destruction of cancer cells.

"Perhaps now you can begin to fight cancer through a simple injection of virus into the blood, and fighting this virus with a wide range of cancers," said Dr. Kevin Harrington.

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