The venom of predatory snails will form the basis of a new analgesic drug

Scientists in Australia have developed a new analgesic drug, which is based on is the venom of predatory snails. To date, the information obtained about the effectiveness of funds: obezbolivaushee strength of the drug is estimated at a hundred times higher than that of morphine, one of the most powerful narcotic analgesics.

The authorship of the opening by Professor David Krakw. He discovered an interesting property of predatory snails living in the coastal waters of Australia. Snails belong to the family of cones. Their poison paralyzes the victim.

For the most part poison snails consists of conotoxins. In the process of evolution he was constantly gaining strength. However, the human digestive system is able to cleave peptides. Modification of poison snails will become the basis for the development of painkillers for a new generation. Perhaps soon the world is waiting for a major discovery.

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Already conducted a series of experiments on rats. While the effect of the drug exceeds all expectations: the tool more effective than morphine in 100 times. The figure is really stunning, if we take into account that morphine is a narcotic analgesic, used as first aid in case of myocardial infarction.

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