The Vatican against condoms

The Vatican renewed criticism of condoms as a means of preventing the spread of AIDS, according to the Church, please use condoms to protect against disease gives people a false sense of security.

Theologian father Juan Perez-Soba insists that the pages of Newspapers and TV screens on people overtaken by promoting the use of condoms as means capable of protecting from dangerous infections. However, the condom is not the solution, because they just relieve you of the responsibility for other people's health. Condoms cannot guarantee absolute protection, but people act as if they are fully protected and nothing stops them from indiscriminate sexual relations. Father Perez-Soba argues that if one of the spouses received an HIV positive result of the analysis, the couples should stop intimate relationships for medical reasons, not to use condoms.

According to the author of the program on prevention of HIV disease in Africa Matthew Hanley, people tend to "risk compensation". Using condoms consider themselves sufficiently protected and much more frequent change of sexual partners and are less risky compared to those who do not use.

Statistics show that AIDS it is impossible to completely stop using propaganda condom - on-one million people have 12,000 cases of transmission through sex in a condom.

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The Vatican insists that the new key moments portrayed in the media to combat the spread of AIDS, should be marital fidelity and abstinence. Note that this is not the first criticism by the Vatican funds promoted by media outlets for religious reasons, but this time the claims of the Catholic Church are statistical and medical justification.

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