The value of psychological rehabilitation for the recovery of drug addicts

Treatment for drug dependence is not limited to medication. When breaking, and stop the desire to return to the psychedelic world, comes the most important and difficult stage - consolidation of the results and return to normal life. Because while people took drugs, he had almost forgotten what real life is. He is confused and does not know what he will have to live, what to do, how to communicate with people. On the background of the General weary and incomplete recovery of such "lost" can lead to relapse.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts should be prepared at the stage of inpatient treatment. He must understand why drugs are harmful, and to remember how to live without them. Yet time after discharge from the hospital he will have to visit her again. And in addition to medication, he will need to communicate with therapists, social workers, and people who themselves were former drug addicts. Continuous monitoring will allow us to provide psychological help or make changes in the treatment program, if there is a risk of relapse.

In this regard, it is necessary to carefully choose the institution for treatment. If in the public centers is necessary for medico-social rehabilitation, private clinics may not have. If this service is still present, then you should definitely check the license specifically for this activity.

The most important thing on the stage of rehabilitation is not to allow the man to feel that he was alone and useless. Very important the support of family and relatives, who remained close, despite the unpleasant past. They should visit the special consultations, which tell how to communicate with former drug addicts, how to support them and how not to provoke failure.

Often the specialists of the relevant centres form the society of recovering people, so that they supported each other and were inspired by their examples. It is very useful to give the patient the opportunity to help beginners in the matter of deliverance from addiction. So he will feel important, and this is a huge incentive to recovery.

Finally, you must help the person to adapt to life in society is to return to school, find a job, get a new profession.

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Only in conjunction with a comprehensive rehabilitation, medical, social and psychological treatment will give the result.

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