The vaccine will help patients with Parkinson's disease to get rid of the disease

The company AFFiRiS AG started organizing clinical trials of the vaccine PD01A. In the first stage were able to confirm the effectiveness of the tool in relation to Parkinson's disease. PD01A effect on protein alpha synuclein. This connection, scientists believe, determines the development of the disease.

In the nerve cells of the brain are formed bullock levy. It is the formation of a protein consisting of an alpha synuclein. Scientists believe that if you reduce the formation of protein in the body, can impair the development of the disease.

At the first stage of testing experts have assessed the safety of the vaccine in different dosages. The drug was tested on 32 volunteers, who were divided into three groups. The first group received 15 mg of the drug, and the second is 75 mg. Third group received placebo and were used for control. Scientists have done for 4 injections, and the observation lasted for a whole year.

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The vaccine did not give side effects. Half of the volunteers after the course PD01A in the body has formed antibodies to the protein. The course of Alzheimer's disease has been brought under control. The next phase of testing should begin in September.

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