The use of yogurt increases mental activity of the human brain

At the University of California scientists have wondered, what is the relationship between intestinal microflora and the brain? In the major research was conducted, which involved 36 healthy women aged 18 to 55 years. The testing was conducted within 1 month. The study, volunteers had to maintain the microflora of the internal environment, and scientists to take performance to external stimuli, etc.,

In the result, we created three groups:

group 1 - women drank yogurt containing probiotics and beneficial microorganisms that have a positive impact on the internal environment of the body;

group 2 - women who regularly drank plain yogurt, without additional additives;

group 3 - women who did not consume any milk products.

The results showed that participants in the test group # 1 through month began to feel much better both physically and mentally. They have become more balanced and cheerful. The ladies, who were in the second group were observed intermediate results. In addition to external signs, researchers noted that the improvement of the brain. In particular, the improvement was observed in the field that are responsible for cognitive functions.

Thus, scientists have identified a direct link between the work of the microflora of the human intestine and brain activity.

The circuits of the brain observed increase in the activity of certain parts of the brain, with the improvement of intestinal function. Thus, the parts that hold the emotions and intellectual activity of the person under control depend on the condition of microflora and activity may either fall or rise.

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This study is not the first, which confirms that a healthy gut is a guarantee of mental activity. Before this, scientists of the medical school at UCLA (California) found that a diet containing large amounts of prebiotics, can be a treatment for Alzheimer's and autism.

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