The use of vitamin C is useless for colds

Some people believe that the best way to prevent colds is vitamin C. However, as shown by the results of Australian research scientist Karl-Heinz Wagner, vitamin C is absolutely useless in the treatment of colds and consumption of citrus in the winter season is not the best idea.

A similar opinion on this matter and have specialists in the field of Chinese medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine banned to eat tangerines, oranges, lemons, and other citrus. This is because due to the consumption of citrus is the cooling of the body, and they take energy, which is necessary for maintenance of the human immune system.

With regard to epidemiology, vitamin C and then were powerless, as it has no effect on the protective processes and in no way cures the common cold. Its positive effects on the body is limited to a slight reduction in the duration of disease and the same slight strengthening the immune system.

But don't write off this vitamin, as it enhances the protective function of human cells. This is seen especially in smokers, because vitamin C protects against free radicals.

In conclusion, it should be noted that quite a large number of vitamin C is found in many spices: ginger, cumin, Bay leaf. While citrus fruits are also rich in carotenoids.

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