The use of sunflower oil may cause cancer

Those people who go to the doctor with complaints of frequent pain in the pancreas and liver, can hear from them the specific caveat: if you want to live without pain for a long time - do not use sunflower oil.

Doctors recommend to replace olive oil because it is healthier and has a beneficial effect on the whole body. In addition, when using olive oil, the consumption of vegetable oils in General reduced significantly.

Sunflower oil is fraught with danger called benzopyrene, and in addition it contains a large number of palm oil, scientists have reported. The benzo (a) pyrene is a chemical substance from the sort of carbohydrates, which is a carcinogen. Sunflower accumulates in itself of heavy metals, pesticides, cadmium, and herbicides. This explains the appearance of benzopyrene in the process of drying and roasting sunflower seeds.

Also a known fact that in the preparation of sunflower oil, it changes its chemical composition, and creating toxic substances that get into the food.

And the secondary use sunflower oil for cooking provokes not only the development of cancer, but also of brain diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. This is due to the emergence of aldehydes in the disintegration of the fatty acids contained in the oil, as some of them evaporates, and some of the remains and after the roasting process.

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