The use of social media by older people has its pros and cons

The status of older people who experience regular discomfort or suffering from any disease, can greatly improve the use of social media. According to study leader Dr. Ani Lamellae of Luxembourg University, systematic use in clinical practice social media gave quite promising results.

Today, the number of older people who use tablets and other gadgets for communication in social media, social networks and forums, increases. To date no research has not studied the clinical potential of such use of social media by older people.

The study found that sites that contains information that allows you to avoid various diseases, there is a potential benefit, as they face old age can share their observations and personal experience. But besides the positive aspects, the scientists were able to install and negative consequences from the use of social media.

According to Dr. Lamellae, the main benefit of social media is the sharing of experience and the support of strangers who find themselves in a similar situation. Such may be the care of seriously ill spouse or spouse who is suffering from dementia. However, it is also necessary to examine the negative impact of social media, namely the access of the elderly to unwanted and harmful information, as well as the possible misuse of their personal data.

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Scientists have also found a number of problems that arise after the death of the user. In addition, a particularly dangerous is the fact that, when access to social resource gets incapacitated person, dementia which is progressing day by day. It should also be noted that a more detailed study is published in the journal Gerontology.

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