The use of propolis for human health

As a remedy propolis is used very, very long time. If you look, it is a rather sticky substance produced by bees from the juices of various plants, very often it is also called bee glue.

It is very difficult to list every one of the useful properties of propolis, because their range is extremely wide. Most inflammatory diseases can not resist its therapeutic effect.

Propolis is able to enhance the efficiency of spending in the body with adrenaline, to provide an analgesic effect, clear cell membranes from cholesterol, heal wounds and repair damaged tissue cells to normalize cellular respiration, to suppress cancer cells and rejuvenating effect on the entire body. And thanks antitoxic properties - it is also an effective tool in the fight against tuberculosis, diphtheria, or scarlet fever.

A tincture of propolis is often used to treat diseases of the respiratory, digestive and urogenital systems. Not to mention the impact it has on diseases of the skin, eyes, ears and mouth. Asthma is treated 13% tincture of propolis and chronic vaginitis - 5%. Under the onslaught of the antibacterial properties of this tincture retreats even diarrhea. But in any case not to self-medicate, so the advice of the attending physician is required.

To speed the healing of open wounds and scratches tincture of propolis applied directly to the skin. Besides - this is a great way to escape the infection. This way you can get rid of acne, which often appears due to the accumulation of bacteria.

Propolis is a member of many tools to care for your teeth and oral cavity. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help in treating diseases of the gums and are an excellent prevention of dental caries and tooth decay.

Daily consumption of the beverage will have a positive effect on the whole body, because it contains proteins and vitamins. This Supplement will help to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease or even cancer, not to mention the prevention of colds.

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The only limitation and contraindications to this method of treatment or prevention may be allergic to various bee products.

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