The use of multivitamins in large quantities is bad for your health

People suffering from joint pain and a host fish oil were thrown into shock by the message of the scientists that this drug can cause prostate cancer.

They say not only about omega-3, which is the main substance that is included with fish oil. It was found that the high content of omega-3 in the blood of men, from among two thousand people, 71% appears predisposition to one of the most dangerous diseases. According to A. Crystal, doctor of Oncology Center name of F. Hutchinson, most of the minerals and vitamins can not stop the disease. The exception is malnutrition.

How to find out what supplements will harm health, and which on the contrary would help?

A few years ago, in 2010, the French researchers analyzed the health status of 8,000 people, of which 6 years took multivitamin and placebo. As it turned out, those who drank vitamins, also had the opportunity of getting cancer and heart disease as those who took a placebo. Prescribed by specialists vitamins do not yield any results.

Ended in early 2013, the experiment showed that of the 23 000 voluntary male participants who consumed vitamin C in large quantities, may have kidney stones, and at the use of 1 g of vitamin E and C leads to a fatal risk women in postclimacteric period. As stated by representatives of the Health of Britain, an adult should only take 40 grams of vitamin C per day.

Data analysis of the study results 388 000 people, it became known that the representatives of a strong half of humanity, taking a day for 1 g of calcium, have a greater predisposition to cardiovascular disease. The risk of death increases by 20%. Female figures in the order below.

Instead supplements it is recommended to drink a glass of milk or yogurt, it is the same 700 mg of calcium.

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