The use of marijuana in adolescence destroys the brain

The scientists said, the damage carries in itself the most common drug on the planet. If a person starts to smoke "weed" at the age of 16, significantly increases the likelihood of abnormal development of the brain. Smoking marijuana after 16 years on the order rebukes the aging brain. So say experts from the University of Texas, tells NDTV.

The researchers scanned the brain of 42 people occasionally smokes marijuana. 20 volunteers admitted that I was addicted to the drug in about 13-14 years. 2 more people – 16-17 years old. Others began to use "weed" in a more conscious age. All of the subjects smoked marijuana at least once a week.

Scientists noticed that the use of marijuana in adolescence changed jobs in the prefrontal cortex, responsible for decision making, action planning and self-control. In volunteers, addicted to the drug after the age of 16 show signs of accelerated aging of the brain.

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