The use of implants in dentistry

Everyone at any age to strive to have healthy and beautiful teeth are the key to a dazzling smile. For many, home is only the aesthetic side of this issue, but this is a mistake. Because dental health affects the status and activity of the internal organs. Today, modern dentistry in Moscow and in other cities provides an opportunity to achieve excellent results. Clinics are held various manipulations treatment, prosthetics, implantation of teeth. To do this, use the latest equipment, products, materials. Especially differs dentistry in Moscow on the quality of the services that can be compared with international standards in the field of dentistry. Each patient undergoes a thorough diagnosis. Doctors have a professional, for them is not a difficult task execution quality fillings, treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis. Almost every clinic carry out the process of prosthetics and implantation, with new approaches for their implementation. The use of new methods provides the installation teeth that from these it is difficult to distinguish. In clinics to every patient has an individual approach. In dentistry, as in other areas of medicine it is important timely access to a specialist. In addition, the prosthesis must be conducted in a timely manner, this will prevent atrophy of the gums, the deformation of the face. Methods of implantation To methods of implantation include: • classical implantation; • Express implantation; • basal; • combined. Classical implantation is carried out frequently and is the fundamental method, but some doctors believe his legacy. Express implanty is fast enough, apply it, mainly for the restoration of anterior teeth. Basal implantation method is the newest way by which you can restore the entire tooth row, just a few days, the quality will not be degraded. Combined implantation combines several methods. For example, for the restoration of anterior teeth using mini - implants used for the Express method. In place of the lateral teeth of classical design. Choosing any of these methods depends on the doctor's decision, which is based on the condition of the oral cavity as a dental implant and other factors. Each method has its positive and negative sides. The main advantage of any of them that implants do not cause discomfort, they do not move, they do not need to be removed.

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