The use of donor eggs

Currently, among all the technologies to overcome infertility the most popular is IVF - in vitro fertilization. Modern medicine has become so advanced and equipped with technological and medical terms that this technology is available to almost every couple. More recently, the main limitation for IVF was the age of the patients and the onset of menopause, but now this problem is solved, and the woman can become pregnant, regardless of age. Any woman can give birth to himself a child using IVF with donor egg.

This process consists of two stages. The woman who the donor is ovarian stimulation and gets the egg. Separately in vitro, it is fertilized and then transplanted to the woman. Pre-woman - donor seeing a doctor and receives hormonal therapy for enhanced stimulation of the ovaries. She entered daily injections of hormones, always under close and careful supervision of a physician. When a special study shows that the follicles are Mature, then you enter another drug. It allows you to control the separation of the follicle, i.e. ovulation and it is possible to pick the egg up to the moment when she will begin to emerge during natural ovulation.

After the egg has been received is fertilization in the laboratory with the sperm donor or spouse. Continue to be an urgent implantation of an already fertilized egg to the woman or she is frozen in order to carry out transplant at another time, when the woman is ready.

Very often transplantation occurs immediately and then need to agree on the hormonal function of the donor and recipient. Both women agreed at one time to take hormonal drugs to the endometrium of the uterine cavity was immediately ready to accept a fertilized egg.

Before you enter the embryo into the uterus of the woman doing the injection of a special hormone, it is very important to ensure that the embryo is not only stuck to mucous membranes, but also to ensure that the embryo was right to develop and grow in the very first days. Thus, the IVF clinic give a high chance that a third of women were able to become pregnant, if they can not make naturally.

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