The use of clay for female beauty

The amazing properties of clay have long been known to mankind. Even in ancient times people used it for hair care and skin. Indispensable cosmetic product made clay of its useful properties: toning and moisturizing the skin, the absorption of excess fat, detoxify and get rid of excess weight.

Different types of clay can help us in taking care of yourself, due to the presence in their structure of complexes of trace elements and minerals. Mask clay facial is a wonderful way to care for problem and oily skin. They efficiently remove the remnants of sebum and will save you from acne and rashes. Clay masks are useful to make those whose skin has lost elasticity. They are able to return to her former tone and even out the color. That is why medical cosmetics on the basis of different types of clay are so popular among women of different ages.

For those who are by nature brittle and weak hair, or they are damaged by frequent coloring and blow-drying, indispensable will be clay hair mask. Clay will save you from itching scalp and dandruff, will accelerate the growth of hair.

To make the skin more taut and smooth, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and even adjust the volume figures will help clay wraps.

As is well known in the cosmetic use of several varieties of clay, which are similar to each other, but, still, there are some differences. They need to consider when choosing clay for making cosmetics at home. You cannot confidently answer the question about what kind of clay is better. It all depends on what tasks need to be solved with its help.

- Cosmetic purposes often use white clay. This is the most gentle and soft variety, which can make the skin more nourished and hair healthy and shiny. White clay is good enough to care for all skin types. It does not cause allergies and irritation.

- As part of the green clay contains a fairly large number of trace elements and minerals, such as selenium, copper, phosphorus, silicon, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other Content in this sort of clay-decomposed products of plant origin and iron oxide causes its green color. Green clay - record for ability to excrete from the skin of harmful substances and toxins, facilitating its purification and effective recovery. It is great for oily skin and hair, is ideal for home clay wraps, aimed at the correction.

Blue clay is perhaps the most active sort of clay. It helps to improve cellular circulation and a more efficient supply of oxygen to the skin. This type of clay has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action. Blue clay is used for wraps. It helps to fight inflammation and pimples on the skin, dandruff, hair loss, affect the skin overall health benefits. Generally, funds from the blue clay is recommended for oily skin, but it can also be used to care for other types.

- Soft effect on the hair and the skin has a yellow clay, recommended to care for normal and dry skin, and brittle and normal hair. This type of clay has the ability to absorb sebum, has a mild exfoliating effect. Yellow clay helps to improve the circulation of blood at the cellular level.

- Improve skin elasticity, its refreshment and rejuvenation, improve the General appearance using red clay, which contains a large amount of iron and silicon oxide. Using this type of clay for cosmetic procedures can effectively deal with the phenomenon of rosacea and reduce bags under the eyes. Red clay is perfect for the care of Mature and problem skin and skin that needs repair, moisturize and refresh.

Pink clay in cosmetology is used as an astringent and tonic. Combining the properties of white and red clay, it is great for sensitive skin care. Pink clay is a great rejuvenator.

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