The use of chips addictive, similar to narcotics

Almost every person faced with a rather surprising phenomenon: opening a packet of crisps and tried a couple of the pieces, he was unable to stop and ate the whole pack to the end. American scientists have tried to figure out what the cause of this phenomenon. Researchers have long noticed that there are some products that induce in man the desire to eat them up until the inventory is exhausted. Among the most famous in the first place, you can call the same chips, or seeds.

The study of this phenomenon was done by German scientists at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, which according to the results of the conducted research, prepared a report presented at the annual 245-th conference of the American society of chemists. The study consisted in the fact that its authors gave experimental rodents of different meals with the same caloric content. In addition, the researchers gave the rats and also chips. Then using MRI German experts studied the brain activity of rodents.

As it turned out, while eating chips pleasure centers of rat brain was more active than at the time when they ate different food. However, while the rats eating the chips, they have also been enhanced other centers, which are responsible for a variety of addiction, including drugs. After eating chips rats started more quickly to play and run, and this phenomenon was caused by the activation of the mentioned centers. You could even say that eating the chips, the rats fell into a state of euphoria, which in humans is accompanied by hyperactivity.

Scientists have also noticed that after some time has used the chips rats phase excitation followed by lethargy and apathy. That is, there were all the signs of withdrawal syndrome. It should also be noted that those rats who ate ordinary food, such phenomena were not observed.

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