The use of aspirin for a long period of time can lead to blindness

People taking aspirin daily for many years and experiencing heart problems, are more prone to the emergence of their blindness. They were research data 2389 people, conducted by experts from the University of Sydney. As it turned out, the reception for many years aspirin damages the eye's retina.

An earlier study has shown that aspirin reduces the risk of people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. There were even suggestions that aspirin reduces the risk of cancer.

The last experiment conducted by Australian scientists showed that 9.3% of patients who take aspirin are more prone to the development of macular degeneration than 3.7 percent who do not take aspirin at all.

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Macular degeneration is a disease in which blood vessels begin to grow in the wrong place, which leads to bleeding and swelling, which, in turn, cause damage to the retina of the eye. The described process is very fast and leads to a complete loss of vision. The risk factors for macular degeneration include Smoking and age of the patient.

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