The US has no plans to fully legalize marijuana

In America for marijuana still consider marijuana a drug, despite the relative loyalty of the authorities to spread it for medical purposes. On the eve of the office for the U.S. drug enforcement (DEA) has refused to legalize cannabis and removed from the list of drugs.

Marijuana is in the same list with heroin and several other drugs. The evidence is there, says that dependence on marijuana exists, the reception is quite strong.

"Marijuana should not be in the First list. The decision of the DEA misleads patients and marijuana growers, as contrary to the state laws and some Federal documents. In 25 States are allowed to use medical marijuana. Within each such state, physicians may prescribe patients marijuana, but manufacturers and suppliers to sell, but at the Federal level, marijuana is illegal, so her nomination could face arrest and other penalties," says Earl Blumenaur, a member of the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States.

In response, the Office for combating drugs of the USA has offered to conduct a thorough study of the question. Now lawmakers and health professionals is that marijuana can, under certain conditions, cause dependency. However, its use for medical purposes and under medical supervision does not bring harm.

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