The United Nations has called the world's population go on eating insects

World hunger will help to overcome a rather unusual nutritious diet. The UN recommends that you start to eat insects, reports the BBC. Insects are nutritious, but in addition their farming does not pollute the environment. Currently in the world there are 2 billion people that eat insects. Meanwhile, people in the West, most likely, will not be able to force myself to eat the beetles, as will experience with this disgust.

By the way, the insects have many advantages: they are easy to breed, and they live in almost any climate conditions. In addition, they have a lot of fats, minerals and proteins. That is why the UN experts have considered eating insects is an important Supplement in the diet of emaciated from hunger children. It was also estimated that for breeding crickets will need 12 times less feed than cattle. But the amounts of proteins contained in meat and crickets are the same. During the breeding insects are not greenhouse gases, and emissions of ammonia are also minimized.

UN officials believe that restaurateurs and producers of food products will be able to make a popular eating insects among the majority population. So, it is quite possible that in the near future in European restaurants will appear caterpillars from South Africa, which are quite expensive delicacy.

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