The unemployed people changing nature study

Scientists from the University of Stirling, together with colleagues from two other universities in the UK conducted a survey 6769 Germans. Data about the character of people gathered in the period from 2006 to 2009. According to the results of primary data processing, 210 people from the treatment group was unemployed, writes The Daily Mail.

The first two years without work was done by men more compliant. Then everything changed. Unemployment reduced the degree of compliance and among men and among women. Scientists attribute this to the following: in the first months in the job search in humans are quite specific motivation and energy. After several years of unsuccessful search initial enthusiasm gives way to irritability and apathy.

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The lack of success in finding work undermines the human psyche. Because of this suffering in nature. Appears self-doubt, anxiety, which further complicates the process of finding a workplace. Scientists advise with such problems to seek support from a psychologist.

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