The UN presented a report that reflects the causes of morbidity and mortality in Russia

In the Analytical centre under the Government of Russia was presented to the UN report on the reasons for the growth in the country of mortality and morbidity among the working-age population. As reasons for this situation were the following reasons: poor quality of life, unhealthy way of life of Russians, as well as imperfect social policy, reports Another serious problem was identified as the reduction of men's working life. Most often Russian men die from harmless diseases that can be cured, if the time to go to the doctors: diseases of the digestive and respiratory organs, as well as parasitic and infectious diseases.

The experts noted that the incidence is increasing in the country since 1990. In 2010 year the company was able in some degree to improve the situation, but, still, it continues to grow. The Ministry of health determines the growing incidence of improved diagnostics. But however, increasing the overall morbidity: results of a population survey indicate that 46 percent of respondents whose age is 15 years or more, suffer from chronic diseases.

Meanwhile, UN experts questioned the validity of official data relevant agencies. In their opinion, the current funding levels are not sufficient for dealing with such problems. And this despite the fact that at the moment the health sector is financed almost one and a half times more when compared with the 2005 first year. Meanwhile, this is not enough, as compared with Europe, the level of funding per capita is less than 3.5 times: 699 dollars against 2731. Low and also the skill level of Russian physicians, and besides, he does not meet current professional standards as the level of staff training is also low.

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