The Ukrainian Ministry of health warns: Smoking hookah is dangerous for your health

The Ministry of health of Ukraine rejected the myth that people who smoke hookah, less exposed to than smokers of regular cigarettes. Ukrainian doctors are once again reminded that hookah smoke contains toxins that can cause lung cancer, heart disease and blood vessels, as well as other, less dangerous diseases.

Several features of the hookah makes it the smoke is more dangerous than Smoking tobacco. For example, in order to enjoy a hookah you want to put coals on the mix for the area. That is why the smokers of Shisha not only inhale the products of combustion of a tobacco mixture, but also carbon monoxide and carcinogens that are released during combustion of coal. Carbon monoxide causes oxygen starvation. Man, just vacarisses hookah and sat down behind the wheel of a car, a 33 percent increased risk of getting into an accident because of hypoxia. This condition can last for about half an hour or more.

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In addition, hookah Smoking involves its use by several people, and in public places water is not disinfected properly. That is why Smoking is a risk of Contracting tuberculosis, herpes, influenza, hepatitis, and other equally dangerous diseases, stress in the Ministry.

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